KA2020: A Remarkable Fine Arts Debut!

The inaugural Kingston Annual in 2020 was an impressive success. More than 180 artists living, working or making their art in Kingston and the mid-Hudson region submitted 325 artworks for consideration. Curator Julie Hedrick selected 25 artists—and guest artist Judy Pfaff, a pioneer of installation art—to exhibit their work. Three KA2020 prize winners received cash awards, and all selected artists exhibited their work throughout September 2020 at the ASK gallery and in a virtual gallery (archived for subsequent viewing). One of the first public art shows since the pandemic began, KA2020 showcased the power of art to inform, inspire, heal, and bring artists together within the broader communities of arts supporters and enthusiasts.

Kingston Annual 2020 Prize Winners

Julie Hedrick

Pamela Blum
Doll With Boots
1st Place – $500

Betty A. Greenwald
2nd Place– $250

Frank Theodore
The Beginning
3rd Place – $100

Kingston Annual 2020 Selected Artists

Jenna Annunziato
Seth Aylmer
Gülnar Babayeva
Talya Baharla
Neville Bean
Leslie Bender
Jane Bloodgood-Abrams

Harris Diamant
Nancy Donskoj
Allen Furbeck
Chris Gonyea
Barbara Gordon
Michael Lokensgaard
Hans van Meeuwen
Sean Noonan

Winden Rose
Bill Rybak
Stefan Saffer
Casey Schwarz
Ernest Shaw
Susan Spencer Crowe
Deborah Mills Thackrey